Marcos Balter, Composer
Aesopica tenor/narrator, fl, cl, bsn,, tba, 2 vln, vcl, perc, pno, and electronics 2011
À vis clarinet and violin 2007
.. and also a fountain. amplified solo bassoon with hand percussion 2012
Bladed Stance flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, and cello 2013
Bem-te-vi string quartet 2012
Cardinal baritone saxophone and reverb 2013
string quartet 2011/2012
Curumim solo piccolo 2012
Dark Rooms percussion quartet 2007
alto flute and cello 2008
solo percussion 2006
Descent from Parnassus amplified solo flute 2012
Ear, Skin, and Bone Riddles soprano, vln, vcl 2010
alto flute and bass flute 2009
flute and orchestra 2011
Growth fl, cl, sax, guit, 2 vln, vla, vcl, and pno 2010
SATB singers, clarinet, and string quartet 2005
ignis fatuus
solo violin 2008
insertspace fl, ob ,cl, tpt, perc, vln, vlc, db, and electronics 2008
Intercepting a Shivery Light
saxophone quartet 2012
Interludes saxophone quartet 2010
Intermittent Lights fl, cl, pno, vln, vcl, perc 2002
Irradiations violin, cello, piano 2004
Lexicon oboe, harp, vibraphone 2007
ligare flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion 2013
Live Water
viola and tape 2007
Machaut Transcription flute trio (C, alto, and bass) 2011
Meltdown Upshot large mixed ensemble and 3 female voices 2013
solo violoncello 2007
Missa Brevis
SSAATTBB, string orchestra, and piano 2013
New Cochlea acoustic guitar, percussion, and double bass 2008
OMG viola and four iPhones 2009
On Floating Bodies "Fl, ob, cl, bsn,, tpt, tbn, tba 2012 of many circles... solo violin 2011
Passará Fl, cl, bsn,, gtr., pno., perc., and tape 2012
Pessoa 6 bass flutes 2013
Pois que nada que dure, ou que durando amplified acoustic guitar and soprano with hand percussion 2013
fl, cl, gtr, hp, string quartet 2007
Quadrivium string quartet 2003
Raw Item
oboe, harp, piano, cello, and percussion 2005
RE: (no subject)
violin and piano 2004
Sarabande chamber orchestra 2010
bass flute and baritone saxophone 2011
(t)here solo piano 2009
torus alto saxophone and piano 2009
Ultramarine solo violoncello 2010
bass clarinet and wind symphony 2011
Uptown fl, cl, pno, hp, vln, vla, vcl, perc 2009
solo viola 2005
Vision Mantra
violin, viola, and cello 2009
Wicker Park
alto saxophone 2009
clarinet and amplified string quartet 2004

Complete list of works & recordings available upon request