Aesopicatenor/narrator, fl, cl, bsn,, tba, 2 vln, vcl, perc, pno, and electronics2011
Atomic Theorychamber orchestra and tape2019
À visclarinet and violin2007
.. and also a fountain.amplified solo bassoon with hand percussion2012
Bladed Stanceflute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, and cello2013
Bem-te-vistring quartet2012
The Book of ColorsSSAATTBB2022
Cardinalbaritone saxophone and reverb2013
Chambersstring quartet2012
Codex Seraphinianusflute, alto sax, bassoon, viola2014
Curumimsolo piccolo2012
Dark Roomspercussion quartet2007
alto flute and cello2008
Desassossegosoprano and orchestra2014
solo percussion2006
Descent from Parnassusamplified solo flute2012
Ear, Skin, and Bone Riddlessoprano, vln, vcl2010
alto flute and bass flute2009
en suitesolo cello2018
Evenssolo percussion2021
False Memoriessolo piano2022
flute and orchestra2011
Growthfl, cl, sax, guit, 2 vln, vla, vcl, and pno2010
Hangpiano four-hands2017
SATB singers, clarinet, and string quartet2005
ignis fatuus
solo violin2008
insertspacefl, ob ,cl, tpt, perc, vln, vlc, db, and electronics2008
Intercepting a Shivery Light
saxophone quartet2012
Interludessaxophone quartet2010
Intermittent Lightsfl, cl, pno, vln, vcl, perc2002
Irradiationsviolin, cello, piano2004
Kerningcello and piano2020
Landscape of Fearsopranino sax and piccolo trumpet2014
Lexiconoboe, harp, vibraphone2007
ligareflute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion2013
Live Water
viola and tape2007
Machaut Transcriptionflute trio (C, alto, and bass)2011
Meltdown Upshotlarge mixed ensemble and 3 female voices2013
solo violoncello2007
Millefleurssolo violoncello2021
Missa Brevis
SSAATTBB, string orchestra, and piano2013
New Cochleaacoustic guitar, percussion, and double bass2008
OMGviola and four iPhones2009
Omolusolo harp2021
On Floating Bodies“Fl, ob, cl, bsn,, tpt, tbn, tba2012
…one of many circles…solo violin2011
Pan (solo version)solo flute and electronics2019
Pan (chamber version)solo flute, electronics, participants2018
PassaráFl, cl, bsn,, gtr., pno., perc., and tape2012
Pessoa6 bass flutes2013
Pois que nada que dure, ou que durandoamplified acoustic guitar and soprano with hand percussion2013
fl, cl, gtr, hp, string quartet2007
Quadriviumstring quartet2003
Raw Item
oboe, harp, piano, cello, and percussion2005
RE: (no subject)
violin and piano2004
Sarabandechamber orchestra2010
shadows of listeningcello and electronics2017
bass flute and baritone saxophone2011
Thawsolo piccolo2021
Therapycountertenor and string quartet2021
(t)heresolo piano2009
Things Fall Apartchamber orchestra2018
torusalto saxophone and piano2009
Ultramarinesolo violoncello2010
bass clarinet and wind symphony2011
Uptownfl, cl, pno, hp, vln, vla, vcl, perc2009
solo viola2005
Violin Concertosolo violin and chamber ensemble2016
Vision Mantra
violin, viola, and cello2009
we carry our homes within us which enables us to flyflute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, cello2015
Wicker Park
alto saxophone2009
clarinet and amplified string quartet2004
***solo piano2014